NBSM, as NMI, is maintaining the physical standards of measurements and giving metrological services in the country. NBSM also functions as government agency for implementation of legal and scientific metrology.

Scientific Metrology Section is responsible for establishing the national standards, providing traceability to the working standards of satellite offices of NBSM which are responsible for legal metrology in Nepal, providing calibration services of instruments used in research & testing laboratories as well as laboratories in the manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, paints, cement, etc.

Mass, Volume and Density and Temperature Laboratories are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), India.


Scientific Metrology Section is under scientific metrology division. It has six calibration laboratories in operation.


Scientific Metrology Section provides calibration services to different section of NBSM, general public, regulatory bodies and private sectors on the first come first serve basis.


Mass, Volumetric measures, Caliper, Scale, Thermometer, Humidity meter, Pressure Gauges Electrical Multimeter etc.


Weighing Instruments, Compressive Strength Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine etc.

Training and

Introduction Metrology, Benifits of Metrology, calibration of instruments, internal calibration etc.

Calibration Services Delivery

  • Bring application letter (in the given format) along with equipment (except for on-site calibration) to the Scientific Metrology Section (Block C of NBSM)
  • The customer will be given Job ID along with the tentative date of calibratio
  • The customer will also be given a pay slip with the amount to be paid for the calibration.
  • The customer then shall make payment at NBSM revenue section then register the application letter at the NBSM registration section.
  • The customers shall come back to receive the calibrated equipment along with the calibration certificate on the given date.
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  • Application Form
  • Calibration Fees
  • Services Delivered in Fiscal Year 2076/77


    Inhouse Calibration


    Onsite Calibration




    NBSM is headed by Director General. Scientific Metrology Division headed by deputy director general.Scientific Metrology Section is under scientific metrology division and headed by director.Each calibration laboratory is headed by a metrologist (officer level).

    Dina Nath Mishra
    Director General

    Deputy Director General 01-4356672


    Maunta Manandhar

    Maunta Manandhar
    Mass Laboratory Head

    Maunta Manandhar

    Maunta Manandhar
    Volume and Density Laboratory Head

    Rosan Gautam

    Rosan Gautam
    Pressure and Force Laboratory Head

    Pabitra Koirala

    Pabitra Koirala
    Temperature and Humidity Laboratory Head

    Bishal Jirel

    Bishal Jirel
    Scientific Metrology Section